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Posted by Drillur - February 3rd, 2020

check it

Once I'm finished with 2.0, I will delete the current version from NG and upload the new one as a new game.


Posted by Drillur - August 23rd, 2019

patch notes

I finally got exporting and importing saves to work. Finally! BUT! It only works on desktop because of Godot. It's not even possible for it to work. It's supposed to work on Firefox, but it didn't even work there. What a nightmare. It makes me feel like I picked the wrong engine.

You can download and play the game at https://drillur.itch.io/lored.

I was able to get the browser to stop scrolling when the game is in focus, though!!!

Also, I completely rebalanced every single malignant upgrade. The game takes a little longer now. I hope it's more rewarding. I took away all your malignancy, but you'll keep the upgrades you had. Before, you could get way past 1e24 malignancy, which is 1 septillion. Now, it's more like around 1e9, which is a billion.

I'm nearly to the point where I can start adding STAGE 2 LOREDs, but sometimes "nearly" ends up staying "nearly" for a long time.


Posted by Drillur - August 20th, 2019

patch notes!

I'm so glad to be rid of the old tutorial pen. A long, long time ago, in an update far away, you could move the map on the x-axis, too, and upgrades were all over, and there were sign posts and the tutorial pen made sense, even if it was still sort of ugly. That's why it was called the tutorial pen in the first place! A tip pop-up appears and then you throw it into the tutorial pen like a cucco in Zelda or something.

But now it sucks and it's gone. This new menu and resource bar look spick as heck, except it is difficult to click and drag, so I may need to allow the map to be moved through the buttons (which will click them).



I'm going to re-work malignancy. It makes sense that everything produces a bit of it, since irl anything can give you cancer, but it doesn't fit in with the rules that every other LORED follows, so only the MALIGNANCY LORED will be able to produce any malignancy in the future. Yeesh.


Posted by Drillur - August 9th, 2019

Well, that my game can get soft-locked and no one who tested it caught it before I put it online was a mini panic attack for me, BUT the show must go on! I've adjusted the UI for the LOREDs and will soon begin on a COMPLETE rework of upgrades AND upgrade UI.

Currently, every LORED has 128 float values in it, and every upgrade has 64 float values. There are 12 LOREDs and 56 upgrades, so that's a whole lot of initialized-but-mostly-unused data. Totally unnecessary, so I've figured out a way to make it simultaneously easier to work with AND smaller memory-wise by using dictionaries when appropriate. In the update, each LORED between 8 and 28 float variables, and upgrades only have between 4 and 12 float variables.

By changing this, I've changed the way they are saved AND loaded. On the new patch, saves will be reset. Also, any further soft-locks attempting to enter the player experience will be shot like an iron ore patch.


Posted by Drillur - July 24th, 2019

A game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. It'll be gr8. Real gr8.